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Confused about what to read? We got you covered! Personalized articles delivered to your digital door in a second! Follow your favorite news categories and always be on top of whats happening!


Relax reading our top picks for the day! Explore our popular and featured articles, we only care for your best experience so we dont spam with noisy stuff


Found an article you like? Postman lets you share your favorite picks with your network! You are one click away from all the fun, what are you waiting for?


In Postman every user is unique. You can decide what categories are exciting to you and follow them to receive personalized feed day by day! We embrace differentiality


In Postman you are in charge of your daily feed. We don't spam with noisy ads and we fetch top level news in a second! Still not convinced?

How Postman Works?


We want to meet you! Social login Facebook/Google included to provide you with the best user experience. Simple Registration with 2 clicks and you are in the app to start having fun!

Follow Categories

In Postman we have many different category articles fetched all acrross the world. You can create your own personalized feed by visiting your profile section and following only the categories you are interested in!

Scroll and Read

You are now ready to have fun! You can scroll on your favorite categories and find cool articles that match your personality or you can visit the Featured Tab and explore our top picks for the day!


Looks like you found another cool feature in the app! You can simply share all the fun to your friends with just one click! Don't be shy, we love to socialize!

Ads Free Experience, No Noisy Things Disturbing You

We are not the typical annoying app with push notifications and alerts spamming you and not leting you have fun. We know better !

Live Updates

At Postman we only serve latest feed. All categories are updated every hour providing you with fresh articles to read when you have that spare minutes. We dont hold on obsolete information, the world is moving at a huge pace and so are we

Great UX

Providing our users with the best User Experience in the market is our main goal. The application speaks for itself, everything is optimized to save you as much as time as possible when you just want to read whats going on in the world

Always Secure

Your personal data is safe with us, We don't spam with annoying ads or marketing promotions, hence you have nothing to worry about. We value data protection and we work hard to provide you an ads free user experience

Night mode optimized

Postman color patterns are focus and optimized for not hurting your eyes. We understand that after a long day at work you might want to relax and read your favorite articles without worrying about ending up with a headache

Social Share

Found something you are really excited to share with your friends? Don't worry we have you covered! With just one tap you can share your favorite content to your social network!

Compact View

Postman supports 2 different reading View styles, One when you feel like just scrolling around and reading our top picks and the compact View where you can find your favorite category articles and just focus on them!

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